About us

A tribute to the Oma's

"Li" is traditionally made Ice Cream from the Island of Curaçao. The main ingredients are local fruits and nuts.

Back in the days, these were mostly made by the elderly women, grandmothers (Oma's), out of their own home kitchen. This was their way of spoiling the neighborhood kids that would pass by after school or baseball practice.

Throughout the years, this tradition has unfortunately been fading away. That is why we decided to pick up where the Oma's left off and gave it a modern twist.

We used our grandmother's recipe, adapted it to intensify the flavor, came up with an official brand name for "Li", professional packaging and made it available to Supermarkets and Restaurants.

Matter of fact, the name Oma Li is a tribute to all the Oma's that kept the tradition of Li alive. For that, we thank you and want to honor you by introducing this local product to the world!